Learn to regulate your nervous system by
making simple sounds on the exhale

Mindfulness made easy and fun for seekers of a healthier lifestyle like you.

With Mindful Science’s friendly, easy to follow-along guided Coherence Toning™ practices, find your tone and learn how to synchronize your heart and brain in 28 days.

Be present. Feel better. Live happier.

The Art & Science of Invoking
Heart Coherence

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Learn to direct your awareness, interrupting your habitual thoughts bombarding your mind. Toning is a mindfulness practice. It’s the art of focusing your attentional awareness in the present moment. When you stop and tone, you are fully focused on the feeling of vibration and breath. Your awareness is fully present in the moment creating heart-brain synchrony – coherence.

Coherence is experienced as a clear empty mind, a happy heart boosting your immune system, reducing stress and much more.


Choose guided “toning circuits”, easy to follow along, step-by-step, day-by-day practices or non-guided, beautiful tone only practices, you can experience anytime, anywhere.

Find that special tone that works for you and experience well-being, soon you will be appreciating life in a completely new way! 

Tune in

Breathing and toning, when practiced with regularity, enables you to ‘tune in’ synchronizing your heart and brain frequencies. This coherence state is achieved with practice, it’s predictable and measurable. When we reach this state we transfer vital energy in our body to our immune system, so instead of energy being wasted on stress, we actually promote health in our bodies improving the overall quality of our lives..

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